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Witches - ongoing series

This series of paintings was born from the need to common with the ancestral female archetypes of my family, perceived by me as vital matriarchal principles, made of chaos, drama, passion and comedy.
I decided to call these figures witches, as they emerge as mythical and very powerful women, capable of transmitting strength, protection and care, while also being somehow wounded, traumatised and survivors.
The spaces they inhabit are not real spaces, but rather emotional ones, made of memories, impulses and desires. Colours follow accordingly, producing a sense of magic in my process.
The representation of bodies has something exaggerated and childish, like my desire to identify with them. The breasts and anatomy recall those of certain super-hero toys, without an embodied gender identity, but an exaggeratedly imagined one, aiming to emerge.
With this series I hope to communicate the tantalizing sense of refuge and care that these archetypes have represented for me during my evolution, but also their disturbing elements that are more difficult for me to decipher, which have complicated my relationship with the perception of my body and with myself as an adult.

through these witches I also perform a series of rituals, sometimes peaceful and ethereal, other times carnal and violent, all attempts to take care of myself and the world around me, trying to create a sense of home and belonging, hoping in the meantime for a better future, one of peace , acceptance and openness.

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